Cyclo Industries Introduces PermaStop, a High Performing Permanent Solution, that Stops the Toughest Cooling System Leaks

Cyclo Industries today announced the launch of PermaStop, a 1-step cooling system repair solution, designed to permanently stop a leak within 60 seconds.

PermaStop is a high concentrate formula that is boosted with copper activation technology.  PermaStop’s unique copper blend is designed to keep seal activating particulars in motion longer, resulting in a 33% more effective seal than the leading competitor.

Cyclo’s VP of Business Operations, Doug Salazar said, “Mechanics always want an easy, quick, and reliable solution in the garage.  This is no different when it comes to repairing a cooling system.  We took exactly what the mechanic wanted and created a 1-step, 60 second solution that is also extremely effective!”

Cyclo Industries launch of PermaStop will raise the bar for all cooling system repair products industry wide.  PermaStop is unique in the marketplace, because it not only repairs a cooling system leak, but it also continues to fight against the leak long after the initial use of the product.

Cyclo Industries delivers high performance products in the automotive, heavy duty / fleet, industrial, agricultural and marine services.  For more information about Cyclo Industries and the new PermaStop Cooling System Repair, please visit