Cyclo Industries Introduces a High Performing, Stink Free Engine Clean to Tackle the World’s Dirtiest Engines Without the Stink

Cyclo Industries today announced the launch of a No Stink Engine Clean.  A new solution for customers who require a powerful engine-cleaning product that will degrease their dirtiest engines, stink free.

With groundbreaking technology and industry-first innovation, Engine Clean is a unique formulation of low aromatic solvents and citrus infused cleaners.  The proprietary blend is designed to turn dirty, greasy engines to sparkling like new engines without having to endure the usual stink associated with other engine cleaners.

Cyclo’s Director of Research & Development, Mike McGlynn said, “For years we listened to mechanics complain about the awful stink during a routine engine clean.  We took this complaint to heart and created an outstanding new product that is not only best in class, but is also extremely pleasing to the nose!”

Cyclo Industries launch of No Stink Engine Clean will raise the bar for all engine cleaning products industry wide.  It is a high performance solution that will degrease the toughest jobs across the globe stink free.  From the car engines revving in Germany to the taxicab engines idling in Brazil it can be assured that No Stink Engine Clean is unmatched in performance and in smell by the competition.

Cyclo Industries delivers high performance products in the automotive, heavy duty / fleet, industrial, agricultural and marine services.  For more information about Cyclo Industries and the new No Stink Engine Clean product, please visit