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Cyclo Industries is committed to bringing breakthrough technology to the automotive market. The team at Cyclo uses their knowledge and imagination to develop industry leading innovation. In 2014, Cyclo Industries launched nine new products, including: Rain Dance Rain Repel & Fog Free, PermaStop™, and LiquiShield™.

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Cyclo industries’ biggest breakthrough, PermaStop™, is a 1-step cooling system repair solution, designed to permanently stop a leak within 60 seconds. PermaStop™ is a high concentrate formula that is boosted with copper activation technology. The unique copper blend is designed to keep seal activating particulars in motion longer, resulting a 33% more effective seal.

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With groundbreaking technology and industry-first innovation, Clear View™ is a proprietary blend of polymers that works together to polish and protect damaged glass surfaces. Clear View™ offers an innovative solution to the marketplace, eliminating the need to replace scratched or etched windscreens. The consumer now has a more affordable and accessible option to not only fix a damaged windscreen, but also to protect it against more damage.

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Formulated with Stain Shield Technology, Deep Defend™ offers a new solution to clean and to protect against stains and spills on automotive upholstery / carpet. The proprietary blend of polymers in Deep Defend™ is designed to clean upholstery / carpet 4x deeper than existing cleaners in the marketplace, as well as protect against future accidents.  Deep Defend™ offers a solution to consumers who want an all in one solution to both clean and protect.

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