Cyclo Industries Announces a World – Wide Relaunch of Z Lube, a 4X Faster Penetrating, Longer Lasting Formula that Outperforms the Leading Competition

Cyclo Industries today announced the re-launch of Z Lube, a multi-purpose lubricant, with a newly engineered formula and a new eye catching package.  The new water displacement solution penetrates 4X faster than the leader competitor and finally offers a fast acting, long lasting, and high performing lubricant to the market.

Originally launched in the 1970s, Z Lube was a pioneer in the water displacement category.  Throughout the years, the category has gone through many transformations and now Z Lube’s proprietary blend of water repelling solvents and corrosion inhibitors will disrupt the market by offering a new level of penetration, performance and affordability.

“We are excited to re-launch Z Lube, as our lubricant line has become a gold standard for professionals who demand high performance with every job,” said Nadine Rudolph, Marketing Manager.  “From testing in the market to the lab, we know Z Lube is extremely competitive and will provide customers faster penetration and higher performance than ever before.”

Z Lube’s unprecedented technology has once again pushed the limits of innovation, bringing unrivaled results to the marketplace.  The penetration and performance alone of the product is enough for customers to switch to Z Lube and use it for every job from A-Z.

Cyclo Industries delivers high performance products in the automotive, heavy duty / fleet, industrial, agricultural and marine services.  For more information about Cyclo Industries and the new Z Lube product, please visit